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Comprehensive service and maintenance offer

We care not only about your concerns prior to purchase.
Even after the sale has been made you can fully rely on us.

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Our products are extremely robust and reliable.
In order to maintain their performance in the long term, you should have the servicing and maintenance work carried out regularly at the recommended intervals.

All servicing and maintenance work is carried out by qualified and motivated employees with the utmost care. They analyze the situation in order to find the optimal solution for the long term.

Competent service is provided through our subsidiaries as well as our worldwide network of authorized partners. These have been selected with great care and trained at regular intervals by our experts so that they always remain up-to-date with regard to our products and technologies.


Faster together!

"Repair Pre-Approval"

You are given the option to significantly reduce the repair time by approving the repair in advance on the Service Form.

  • We grant a repair time of 5 working days (from goods receipt at Orbitalum Tools to ready for shipment). If the guaranteed repair time is exceeded, you will receive a 4% discount on the repair costs for each additional day (maximum 20%). Existing discount structures remain in effect.
  • The possibility of a pre-approval applies to all products listed on our latest Service Form with their approval values.
  • If the repair costs are below the pre-approval value, the machine will be repaired immediately, and no cost estimate will be given. The actual costs incurred will be charged.
  • If the repair costs exceed the pre-approval value, we will contact you before repair. The guaranteed repair time of 5 working days is paused until final clarification.

Why maintenance?

"Prevention is better than cure"

Small causes can often have a big impact and failures or malfunctions could have been avoided by timely inspection and maintenance.

In order to be able to process your request as efficiently as possible, please complete and return our service form when contacting us. This way we can get a first overview.

Our services:

  • Repairs, replacements
  • Cost estimates
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Service training for customers
  • Rental machines for bridging repair periods at special terms
  • Collection service for machines
  • Visual and functional inspection
  • Determination and measuring of technical parameters
  • Functional test of the system components
  • Cleaning and care work
  • Replacement of defined wear parts as well as of defective components
  • Implementation of modifications in as far as these serve to technically improve the equipment
  • Required adjustment and setting work including calibration and re-acceptance

Your advantages:

  • Service directly from the manufacturer or authorized partner
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Long-term functioning of your machinery and plants
  • Ensuring the availability
  • Early recognition of wear avoids unnecessary and costly repairs
  • Reduction of the susceptibility to failure
  • Value retention of your machinery and plants
  • Regular maintenance work ensures reliable and safe machine operation – even after many years
  • Higher availability of own service employees

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