Mobile Welder

Portable orbital welding power source
Mobile Welder

The entry-level model among orbital welding power sources. The Mobile Welder enables automated welding of tubes for anyone and anywhere.

Lightweight and robust construction

The Mobile Welder is equipped with a carrying handle and shoulder strap and can be easily transported with a weight of approx. 15 kg. In addition, it convinces with a compact design.

Intuitive and simple operation

The Mobile Welder has the same intuitive operating concept as the Smart Welder series and is therefore equipped with a rotary dial, a touch display and soft keys. Clear and focused menu navigation allows the operator to create a welding program in just a few steps and then start the welding process. He is supported in this, for example, by the integrated auto-programming function. The Mobile Welder is equipped with all the important functions required for orbital welding. Together with our open, gas-cooled orbital welding heads, orbital welding can be carried out very easily and flexibly.

Manual TIG welding

The use of a "manual welding mode" is also possible in combination with a TIG hand torch, thus extending the application possibilities of the Mobile Welder. Tacking work can be carried out flexibly and manual welding can be carried out easily in places that are difficult to access with orbital welding heads. The simple and flexible changeover of the user interface between orbital and manual welding eliminates the need for an additional manual power source. The Mobile Welder offers the ideal 2-in-1 solution.

Upgrade options

It is always possible to expand the Mobile Welder's range of functions via upgrade options, should, for example, the requirements and areas of application of the welding work change. These upgrade options are available:

  • UPGRADE - ORBICOOL MW: If the external cooling unit ORBICOOL MW is connected to the Mobile Welder, liquid-cooled welding heads can be operated in addition to gas-cooled welding heads.
  • UPGRADE - MW+ software: With the software upgrade, a wide range of smart functions is available, such as welding data logging and digital welding gas management (MFC).

With these two upgrade options, the Mobile Welder is able to evolve into a Mobile Welder OC Plus and grow with the challenges.



Food & Beverage Package

Don't wait - get started right away with the Food & Beverage Package. The package contains everything needed for orbital welding: Mobile Welder, open MH weld head, and all the necessary connecting cables and hoses. In addition, the package offers an attractive price advantage over the individual components.

Scope of application
Mobile Welder
Tube OD
[mm] 3,00 - 168,30 [inch] 0.118 - 6.600