Connectivity package

The Connectivity Package enables the integration of orbital welding power sources into a local area network (LAN) environment.

The ORBIMAT SW power sources have a wide-ranging, user-supporting documentation solution for digitally recording the documentation parameters upstream of the welding process, such as material and gas batch number, isometric number, weld seam position or the welder ID.

The documentation parameters to be entered are queried before the respective start of the welding process. It can be individually
defined whether a parameter value can be entered once or must be entered per weld.
The input can optionally be made via the virtual keyboard, an external USB keyboard or efficiently via the separately available barcode/ QR code scanner. The possibility of documenting the general conditions applicable to the welding programs, such as forming and welding gas types as well as quantities, electrode geometries, welding head alignment and operator comments, complete the documentation process.
All recorded parameters can be captured and digitally stored together with the generated weld data in a weld data log. These weld data logs can then be automatically stored on the network storage location, backed up permanently and processed from there. This can significantly reduce and simplify the documentation effort for users. In addition to network storage locations, other network resources such as network printers can also be
can be accessed.

Welding reports or programs can thus be output decentrally via the network directly to a printer if desired. Via the "Industry 4.0/IoT" data protocol "MQTT", the ORBIMAT SW power sources can be integrated into Industry 4.0 environments and "machine-to-machine" (M2M) communication can be established between devices and controllers.
be established. Participants can thus exchange various telemetry data, measured values and parameters with each other and receive control commands for automation solutions. The connectivity package is activated via a license key that can be entered directly into the power source software. In this way, all relevant functions and interfaces can be enabled immediately. A separate Connectivity Package is required for each welding power source for activation.