Microweldhead ORBIWELD 17

Portrait geschlossener Mikroschweißkopf

Actively cooled orbital welding head for tubes in semiconductor manufacturing

Integrated controls and active cooling enable short production cycles

Orbitalum Tools is launching the ORBIWELD 17, a new development among welding heads. With a removable clamping cassette, integrated operating elements and active cooling, it clearly scores points in comparison with the current systems of its market competitors. It enables thin tubes, such as those used in semiconductor production, to be welded easily, quickly, reliably and, above all, to a high standard of quality.

With the ORBIWELD 17, Orbitalum is setting new standards. Following detailed market research, manufacturer Orbitalum Tools from Singen, Germany, has improved this new orbital welding head at key points to optimize handling, welding results and production times.

Since the OW 17 is compatible with previous market standards, users can easily switch to the new technology. The orbital welding head is specially designed for small tube diameters from 3.0 to 17.2 mm and wall thicknesses up to 1.62 mm, as used in production lines in the semiconductor industry. The OW 17 has a removable clamping cassette that can be positioned very easily around the tubes to be welded in inline assembly on the construction site as well as prefab production of modules in the workshop. Thanks to its compact, handy design, it can be neatly positioned and perfectly aligned with the welding point, allowing it to be used in confined spaces.
Once the cassette is seated, the welding head is inserted into the cassette and fixed in place, and welding can begin. Integrated in the handle of the head are the necessary controls for start, stop, gas flow and electrode change. An LED provides the welder with information on the operating status, such as welding readiness or active process. Therefore, no second operator is needed at the welding power source, which is sometimes located at a distance.
The integrated active liquid cooling protects the OW 17 head from overheating and enables a high duty cycle as well as shorter work cycles.

The head of the OW 17 is designed for 1.0 mm and 1.6 mm electrodes, thus ensuring consistently high electrode service lives when welding thicker walls. This means that this orbital welding head can also be used, for example, for double-wall pipe systems. This saves the user a 2nd orbital welding head.
With the OW 17, both pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-valve block connections or similar can be reliably realized. The adjustable distance gauge supplied makes it easier for the operator to set up the electrode; an insertion gauge attached to the cassette and thus captive ensures the exact positioning of the pipe joint to be welded.