5 Years Warranty on our Pipe Saws

Get 5 years warranty for your pipe saws
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End customers can apply for warranty for these pipe saws:

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Quality that convinces: Our saws are known for withstanding the toughest demands. With the 5-year warranty, we show you how much we trust in the durability and reliability of our products.

  • Easy registration: Activating your extended warranty has never been so straightforward. Simply fill out our online form to benefit from the 5-year warranty.


The offer of 5 years warranty on our pipe saws is valid for Europe only. Please note: The warranty can only be claimed within the first 6 months after the invoice date.


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Warranty conditions:

Orbitalum Tools GmbH grants the end customer using the device a 5-year warranty on the product advertised with the warranty promise when purchased from Orbitalum Tools GmbH. Prerequisite is the online registration of the end customer within 6 months from the date of invoice of the product. The period for the calculation of the warranty period begins with the invoice date. The territorial scope of the warranty extends to the European Economic Area (EEA).

If during this period material defects or manufacturing faults occur in the goods purchased by you from Orbitalum Tools GmbH, we will provide you with one of the following services at our discretion under this warranty:

  • repair of the goods free of charge or
  • exchange of the goods for an equivalent item free of charge


In the event of a warranty claim, contact:

Orbitalum Tools GmbH
Josef-Schüttler-Str. 17
78224 Singen

Warranty claims are excluded in case of damage

  • to electrical components of the product
  • due to normal wear and tear
  • due to improper or abusive handling, especially in the case of use beyond single-shift operation
  • through non-observance of safety precautions
  • by the effects of force
  • by environmental influences (heat, moisture, etc.)

A prerequisite for claiming warranty service is that the guarantor is enabled to examine the warranty case (usually by sending in the goods). Care must be taken to avoid damage to the goods in transit by packing them securely. A copy of the invoice must be enclosed with the shipment of the goods in order to enable the guarantor to check whether the warranty period has been observed. Without a copy of the invoice, the guarantor may refuse to provide warranty service.

In the case of justified warranty claims, the warranty will be processed for you freight prepaid after prior coordination with the warrantor, i.e. the warrantor will organize the shipment. Costs of shipment without prior agreement with the guarantor will not be reimbursed. If it is necessary to dismantle the goods for a fee in order to send them to the guarantor, the warranty holder shall bear the costs required for dismantling.

Any existing statutory warranty rights shall remain unaffected by this warranty promise, taking into account the validity of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Orbitalum Tools GmbH vis-à-vis us.