Smart Welder

Orbital welding power supply
Smart Welder

This new generation of orbital welding power supplies combines the well-known and successful characteristics of the predecessors with the latest technical innovations.

This intelligent power source combines the orbital welding process with state-of-the-art information and communication technology and ensures the best welding results, high efficiency and sustainable quality management.

Centralized access to projects and parameters:
The Smart Welder can be integrated into the network via the integrated LAN interface: All welding data and programs of each individual weld can be seamlessly retrieved and documented, analyzed and adopted or optimized for future welds. Production processes can thus be better planned, and are also safer as well as more cost- and time-efficient.

Intuitive operation and multilingual menu interface:
Smart Welder power sources are operated via the large 12.4" color touch display or alternatively with the multifunctional rotary control, as known from premium automobiles and from the ORBIMAT CA series. The graphic-supported, multilingual menu interface enables simple and intuitive operation and parameterization of the welding power source.
Important commands can be called up directly via softkeys.

More quality and safety:
More quality is achieved by the Smart Welder due to the digital and precise welding gas control, the "PERMANENT-GAS" function. This enables welds of the highest purity with low gas consumption, which reduces the cost per weld. The gas quantity values stored in the welding program thus lead to reproducibly good welding results. With the automatic rotor stop function, this results in greater safety.

Shorter welding cycles and higher productivity:
To minimize gas pre- and post-flow times, ORBITALUM has integrated the unique flow-force function, which decisively shortens the welding process when using closed welding heads. Thanks to the digital gas control, shielding gas is fed directly from the pressure reducer into the welding head at a very high volume flow rate - the unwanted residual oxygen is flushed out in an impulsive manner.
The resulting reduced preflow and postflow times result in significantly shorter process times and thus higher productivity and increased duty cycle. The high flow rate in the afterflow period and the optionally adjustable cooling circuit delay reduce the weld head temperature - ideal for high duty cycles.
Among other things, this results in a longer service life of the welding electrode. The optionally adjustable permanent gas function
prevents oxygen from entering the welding head even during non-productive times. As a result, the Smart Welder achieves virtually tarnish-free seams while keeping process times low.


"In recent years, we have transformed our orbital production facility into a smart factory. Orbitalum Tools GmbH provided their digital welding power source Smart Welder. The intuitive and simple operation of the machine, as well as the optimal welding results has made this transition easy." - Jones Engineering

Scope of application
Smart Welder
Tube OD
[mm] 3,00 - 275,00 [inch] 0.118 - 10.827