RPG 4.5 (S)

Tube squaring machines
RPG 4.5 (S) - pipe planer

In manual welding technology, quality pipe end processing is absolutely essential from an economic perspective. A high quality of pipe-end machining is absolutely required from a technical viewpoint in automated welding, the so-called "orbital welding". Orbitalum has developed the RPG squaring tube machines.

With high-precision, the user is able to prepare tubes with the RPG 4.5 up to 114.4 mm (4.5" and with the RPG 8.6 up to 219.1 mm (8.6") tube outer diameters quickly, burrfree and absolutely square.

Scope of application
RPG 4.5 (S)
Tube OD
[mm] 12,70 - 114,30 [inch] 0.500 - 4.500
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 0,50 - 3,00 [inch] 0.020 - 0.118