PS 4.5 Plus

Portable tube saw (electric/battery)
Portable Pipe Saw PS 4.5 Plus (electric/battery)

5 Years Warranty on our Pipe Saws

This tube saw convinces not only with it's burr-free, right-angled and deformation-free cutting results, but also with its low weight.
At the same time its problem-free and simple usage as well as its unbeatable price are the prime factors among it users.


The PS saw can be mounted quickly with minimum space requirements and transported and operated by a single person.

Scope of application
PS 4.5 Plus
Tube OD
[mm] 6,00 - 120,00 [inch] 0.236 - 4.724
[mm] 2,00 - 118,00 [inch] 0.0787 - 4.646
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 0,60 - 3,00 [inch] 0.024 - 0.118