Tube-to-tubesheet orbital weld heads
P16 EVO TIG tube welding head

The further developed P16 EVO series combines the economy and reliability of its predecessor with simplified handling and extended functionality: highest weld seam quality - reproducible thousands of times.

The P16 EVO TIG tube-to-tube-sheet weld head is the result of continuous further development of the proven P series. This TIG tube-to-tubesheet welding head sets new standards in terms of performance, ease of use and precision. It guarantees the highest weld seam quality, which can be reproduced at will.


  • Robust & powerful
    The P16 EVO was developed to work reliably even under the most demanding conditions. Its robust design ensures excellent performance, even in challenging environments.


  • Durable & easy to maintain
    Reliability plays an important role in raw welding heads. That's why the P16 EVO was designed with easy maintenance and a long service life in mind. Each component has been carefully selected to ensure a long life cycle.


  • Effective water cooling
    Equipped with effective water cooling, the P16 EVO not only extends the service life of the components, but also protects the head from overheating. This helps to ensure consistently high performance throughout the welding process.


Scope of application
Tube OD
[mm] 12,00 - 100,00 [inch] 0.470 - 3.937