Micro weld head
ORBIWELD 19 HD - Micro weld head with robust clamping mechanism

The OW 19 HD is a continuation of the proven OW 19 micro weld head. The name suffix "Heavy Duty" suffix highlights the optimized service life and clamping force compared to the narrower basic version of the OW 19.

Robust and stable
The OW 19 HD was developed to withstand extreme loads. This includes a long service life and the completion of many welds within a very short time. Its design guarantees robust and reliable performance, even in demanding work environments.

To ensure the optimum temperature even during intensive welding work, the OW 19 HD is equipped with efficient liquid cooling. This not only ensures constant performance, but also a longer service life for the welding head.

Optimized clamping mechanism
The use of a robust clamping mechanism not only ensures a high clamping force, but also precise and stable pipe alignment. The practical clamping fasteners enable convenient operation. The flip cover makes it easy to check the position of the electrodes and ensures that the pipes to be welded are aligned precisely.

Easy to operate
Like the OW 19, the OW 19 HD has a control panel integrated into the aluminum handle. All relevant functions can be controlled via the control panel. In addition, all orbital welding power sources from Orbitalum automatically recognize the head and its properties, so that the operator only has to call up his specified welding program and start the process before welding begins.

The head weighs 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs). The hose package attached to the welding head has a length of 7.5 meters (24.6 feet). This allows the user to move and work freely around the power source.

OW 19 HD conversion kit - for more flexibility!
Existing OW 19 welding heads can be easily converted to the OW 19 HD welding head variant using a conversion kit.

Scope of application
Tube OD
[mm] 3,0 - 19,05 [inch] 0.118 - 0.750
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 0,30 - 1,65 [inch] 0.012 - 0.065