Closed orbital welding head
Illuminating the Future of Orbital Welding

The new generation of intelligent orbital welding heads - the OWX welding heads mark a significant advance in orbital welding technology.

As the follow-up to the OWS series, the OWX welding heads offer a wide range of innovative developments. The slim and futuristic design, combined with the latest smart features, make the OWX heads a must-have in modern pipeline construction.

Simple operation

The OWX welding head is equipped with an ergonomic handle and an optimized clamping mechanism. The flip cover with viewing window and the integrated LED lighting inside the welding head make it easier to visually align and check the position of the pipes. The welding head has a mechanical mounting interface to enable easy integration into fixture construction. In addition, simple and intuitive operation of the welding head is made possible by an operating unit integrated into the aluminum handle shell.

Modern smart features

The operating unit of the OWX is equipped with a display that has smart functions. For example, welding programs marked as favourites can be selected directly from the head. The progress is visualized during the welding process. A gyro sensor is also installed in the welding head, which precisely determines the position of the welding head and enables automatic positioning of the electrode to the programmed start position. A temperature sensor also monitors the welding head during the entire welding process. The full functionality is only available with the Smart Welder and Mobile Welder generations.

Easy to service and maintain

The service and maintenance-friendly design of the head allows quick access to the gear components with minimal tooling. To ensure reliable performance and minimize downtime, regular maintenance cycles are recommended. These are intelligently determined by recording life cycle data.

Compatible with Orbitalum products

For maximum flexibility, the OWX welding heads are compatible with all Orbitalum power sources as well as OWS clamping shells and electrode adapters.

OPTIONAL: Table mount for greater safety

The OWX table mount offers a stable and secure attachment of the welding head at the workplace. As it is flexible, it can be used for temporary storage or permanent mounting. The bracket allows the welding head to be positioned both parallel and perpendicular to the mounting surface.

Scope of application
Tube OD
[mm] 6,00 - 77,00 [inch] 0.250 - 3.000