Micro weld head
ORBIWELD 17 - Micro welding head

With its removable clamping cartridge, integrated control elements and active cooling, the
ORBIWELD 17 – or OW 17, for short – clearly stands out in comparison to conventional systems
from the competition. This makes it possible to weld thin tubes like those used in semi-conductor
production easily, quickly, reliably and – above all – with high quality.

Following intensive research, this orbital weld head was improved in comparison to
commonly available weld heads in crucial areas so as to optimize handling, welding
results and production times.

As the OW 17 is compatible with the current market standard, users can easily switch over to
the new technology.

Scope of application
Tube OD
[mm] 3,00 - 17,20 [inch] 0.118 - 0.677
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 0,30 - 1,65 [inch] 0.012 - 0.065