OCL-30 - Cooling liquid for ORBIMAT power sources

Coolant liquid

  • Anti-freeze pre-mix for ORBIMAT power supplies and cooling units to avoid freezing of the cooling liquid.
  • Applicable up to –30 °C (-22 F) outside temperature.
  • Increased service life of components of the cooling system through very high corrosion protection and high pH-value.
  • For even better ignition characteristics due to low conductivity.
  • Clear coolant liquid.

Applicable with ORBICAR W, ORBICOOL Active, ORBIMAT 165 CB, 165 CA and 180 SW.
1 can is already included in the scope of delivery of the ORBIMAT 165 CA and 180 SW
orbital welding power supply.

Can be used with
OCL-30 Coolant liquid
ORBIMAT-Power sources
à 3,5 l (0.92 gal)