Mobile Welder OC Plus

Portable orbital welding power source
Mobile Welder OC Plus

Do you want to produce consistently high-quality welds regardless of your location? With the Mobile Welder OC Plus, you can master any challenge in modern pipeline construction.

The Mobile Welder OC Plus is the first portable orbital welding power source designed specifically for use on the construction site. The Mobile Welder OC Plus brings the usual high and consistent quality of orbital welding to even the most remote locations.

The lightweight and robust design is equipped with state-of-the-art information and communication technology and builds on the strengths of the Orbimat 180SW - our established Smart Welder.

In addition, the Mobile Welder OC Plus impresses with its ease of use and minimal setup and training requirements.

The Mobile Welder OC Plus relies on the same software platform as our OM180SW. This allows for immediate changeover by trained personnel and seamless program exchange between machines.

The Mobile Welder OC Plus is supplied together with the ORBICOOL MW cooling unit, which is connected in just a few steps and can then be used anywhere on a mobile or stationary basis in production.

This flexibility is extended by the integration of a "Manual Welding Mode" in combination with the possibility to operate a hand torch - a power source for all challenges in modern pipeline construction.

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Scope of application
Mobile Welder OC Plus
Tube OD
[mm] 3,00 - 275,00 [inch] 0,118 - 10.827