Mobile Head

Open-arc orbital weld heads

Tube to tube, tube to fitting – The open orbital weld heads of the MH series are impressive with a diverse range of applications. What is more, they have a narrow and very lightweight design. A a result, the Mobile Head series is perfectly suitable for use at construction sites.

The open orbital weld heads of the MH series are used wherever thin-walled stainless steel tubes are welded in tube installation. They have a compact design and are equipped with a narrow weld head housing with the result that it is possible to weld even under narrow conditions. The Mobile Head is compatible with the orbital welding power supplies of the SW series and the Mobile Welder.

Flexible in application
The gas-cooled, infinitely variable swiveling torch body can be adjusted in position and angle and in addition to the classic tube I-seam applications, among others, makes it possible to weld fillet welds as well. The weld heads can be used flexibly, without additional accessories, in the widest range of applications, e.g. Tube to tube, tube to fitting and tube to extrusion. The mechanically adjustable electrode scanning guarantees in addition a consistent electrode gap during the entire welding process.

Mobile in use
The Mobile Head series is impressive, with a light (4-6 kg) and as a result is ideally suited for mobile use in the assembly environment. Every relevant operating function can be accessed right on the weld heads via the control panel integrated in the handhold. What is more, the open orbital weld heads are easy to operate. All of the main mechanical adjustments can be made without any tools. The rotating scanning wheel protects the tube surface and thus prevents damage caused by scanning.

Different tube diameters
The open orbital weld heads of the MH series can be adjusted to the desired tube diameter via an infinitely variable clamping mechanism in order to fix the weld heads in place on the tube securely and free of play. The clamping range can be easily expanded by using the reduction jaws included in the scope of delivery.


The MH series consists of three different sizes and as a result covers a broad range of tube dimensions: MH3.0, MH4.5, MH6.6.

Scope of application
Mobile Head
Tube OD
[mm] 20,00 - 114,30 [inch] 0.787 - 4.500
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