HX 25P

Enclosed orbital weld head
HX 25P - enlosed orbital welding head

"HX" stands for "heat exchanger" and for the welding of pre-mounted elbows in tight pipe bundles of heat exchangers into a pipe coil. There is no other solution as effective as this one in the world!

Pre-mounted pipe elbows (for example in heat exchanger construction), even those in tight pipe bundles, can be joined to small stainless-steel pipes reliably, quickly and safely.

Scope of application
HX 25P
Tube OD
[mm] 18,0 - 25,4 [inch] 0.708 - 1.000
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 0,5 - 1,0 [inch] 0.016 - 0.039