GFX 3.0

Pipe cutting and beveling machines
GFX 3.0 - Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine

5 Years Warranty on our Pipe Saws

Our GFX series is the ideal solution for cutting of thin-walled tubes. The rugged design for a long product life makes the saws especially economical. Furthermore, the long tool lives thereby increase the productivity.


Innovative saws from Orbitalum Tools for cutting and chamfering pipes and for cutting out pipe bends (also from thin-walled stainless steel) in seconds. The optimal preparation for the automated welding process! The GFX is an easy-to-operate, powerful and compact saw with low weight - convince yourself of the many outstanding features of this machine.

  • Right-angled, burr-free and cold machining process
  • Deformation-free clamping, even with thin-walled tubes
  • Good handling due to low weight
  • Chamfering of tube ends parallel or separately to the cutting process
  • Increased productivity
  • Low maintenance and easy to service
  • Environmentally friendly and long service life
  • Additional saw blade holder for cutting out pipe bends
  • Ideal for pressfitting applications

Now characteristic of ORBITALUM pipe saws, the cutting point on the pipe can be conveniently marked by line laser. A second saw blade clamping point enables the cutting of pipe bends.

The powerful motor is equipped with overload protection and ergonomic handles and is available in 230 V, 50/60 Hz or 120 V, 50/60 Hz voltage versions.
The cable plug connection with quick-release coupling allows easy and convenient replacement of the flexible rotating cable.
The application areas are mainly in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Scope of application
GFX 3.0
Tube OD
[mm] 6,00 - 78,00 [inch] 0.236 - 3.071
[mm] 0,00 - 76,20 [inch] 0.000 - 3.000
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 0,80 - 7,00 [inch] 0.031 - 0.275