60 years GF saw

Geschichte GF-Säge

The GF saw celebrates its anniversary

Proven quality for 60 years - The GF saw celebrates anniversary

A precise cut in seconds - and that since 1961. Exactly 60 years ago, the first GF saw set new standards in orbital pipe processing. The decisive factor was the "planetary cutting" process developed by Orbitalum Tools (formerly Georg Fischer). The saw blade dips into the cut and is guided orbital around the pipe. The result is a right-angled, burr-free and precise cut, which is an optimal preparation for the subsequent automated welding process. The advantage here is that a large pipe diameter can be cut with a small saw blade without heating the pipe. The GF saws are suitable for processing pipe materials made of high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low-alloy and non-alloy steel, cast materials, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

"Since the introduction of the first GF saw, our customers have been delighted with the consistently high quality, easy handling and cutting in seconds," reports Andreas Lier, Business Unit Manager at Orbitalum Tools. In addition, increased safety is provided by the standing tube and the rotating tool. "Many of our customers have owned the GF saw for several decades and are fully accompanied and supported by our service," adds Mr. Lier.

What started back then with one saw has been further expanded over the past 60 years. In the meantime, we offer a product portfolio of GF saws for different pipe diameters and wall thicknesses, all of which work according to the proven principle of planetary cutting. Our GFX series is particularly suitable for cutting and chamfering thin-walled tubes. The product family is completed by the portable pipe saw (PS 4.5 Plus), which can be used flexibly as a pipe cutting machine for construction site applications due to its low machine weight.

Our GF saws are used worldwide as pipe cutting and beveling machines in the chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. They are the basic prerequisite for the qualitative and high-quality welding of pipes. Perfect welding results can be achieved with our orbital welding systems, which use state-of-the-art information and communication technology to ensure greater quality, safety and flexibility in orbital welding.