Covid19 vaccination at Orbitalum

Team Orbitalum got the first shot!

Vaccination at Orbitalum

On Monday 07.06.2021 the slogan at Orbitalum was: “ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES”, all employees willing to get the COVID19 vaccination have had the chance to get their first shot.

Safety of our employees is top prioritization at Orbitalum. During the complete pandemic situation preventive actions have been taken and successfully implemented- as a result no one at Orbitalum got a COVID infection at work! Therefore, we would like to thank the complete team for being this strict following the protection rules of wearing the mask and keeping distance.

Now the next step is done. Our Business unit Manager Andreas Lier chased the opportunity for our company of being among the first companies to be vaccinated. Several months of preparation and the perseverance paid off in the end! We managed to receive the vaccine of BIONTECH for all employees on the first day of free availability. In 6 weeks the second injection is secured, too.

This means a big step towards a normal life in the new environment. We are happy to be part of movement towards herd immunity. Furthermore, we are really looking forward to being safe and closer to our customers again.