Another successful cooperation…

LIAG Läufer International AG

Orbitalum is pleased about another successful cooperation with a challenging partner

Orbitalum Tools GmbH is pleased to present another successful cooperation with a challenging partner:

As a globally active manufacturer of hygienic process valves and pigging systems for low-germ processes in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the components and system solutions of LIAG®-Läufer International AG offer the highest level of quality and safety in production when processing high-quality media.

This self-imposed requirement demands highly motivated employees and the use of state-of-the-art machinery, even in the in-house production of basic components and their further processing. "Due to the high product and quality standard, we had to meet the increasing demand of the market and were thus forced to think about a more economical production of our products," explains Quality Manager Erwin Möhrle.

By using modern production machines and the products of Orbitalum Tools, the increase in production numbers in a process-safe manufacturing environment was achieved- another result is a noticeable reduction of rework.  

Manufacturing and Machining facilities at LIAG®-Läufer International AG in Salem

Picture left: 3-way LIAG®-valve owithout manua lever or motordrive

Picture right: Body for pig sending station from LIAG®


Until the orbital welding technology was integrated into production, all welds have been realized by a manual TIG welding process. Then, since March 2017, in addition to the already existing orbital pipe cutting and facing equipment, the orbital welding technology of Orbitalum Tools is a successfully used at LIAG®-Läufer International.

As a result, the following improvements and advantages became immediately apparent

  • icompared to manually executed welds, uniform and visually clean welds for high-priced products
  • perfectly formed weld roots (significant reduction of time-consuming grinding and polishing work)
  • health relief for employees in terms of concentration, eyes, hands and reduced strain with the use of protective equipment during the grinding process
  • Coping with the constantly growing demand for products (here, the increasing production quantities could no longer be achieved with the conventional welding process)
  • Recording and presentation of the REAL parameters of the orbital welds performed (documentation)

Orbitalum Power sourceOrbimat 180SW with Orbitwin SW switch box to realize operation of up to two weld headds with one power soruce

Orbitalum power source ORBIMAT 180SW with enclosed weld head OW 76S

The employees are enthusiastic about the intuitive and easy-to-use equipment. Over the course of time, we have discovered that orbital welding is not just about calling up programs and pressing start-stop buttons.
Here, the different requirements leave a lot of room for creativity in the successful realization of the various applications.

Carsten Hoffmann (Area Sales Manager Orbitalum Tools GmbH, South-West Germany) is pleased about a gradually built up and successful cooperation with an open-minded team. "The beginning was made before my time at Orbitalum Tools GmbH with the acquisition of a pipe cutting device . This was followed by the use of a tube facing machine and then the acquisition of orbital welding equipment. It is great to see a business relationship develop into a trusting partnership that allows both parties the opportunity to grow.

Orbitalum Tools GmbH thanks for the very good cooperation on a partnership level and wishes LIAG® Läufer International all the best for the future.