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Portrait Orbitalschweißstromquelle ORBIMAT 180 SW

Intelligent power source ORBIMAT 180 SW

ORBIMAT 180 SW with intuitive touch operation and online process communication

The new ORBIMAT 180 SW promises more quality, safety and flexibility in orbital welding thanks to its Industry 4.0 technology. This intelligent power source enables the digital networking of man and machine for the first time. This combines the orbital welding process with the latest information and communication technology and ensures the best welding results, high economic efficiency and sustainable quality management.


ORBITALUM TOOLS, specializing in highly efficient and reliable orbital welding systems, is launching the ORBIMAT 180 SW, an innovative welding power source that sets new standards in terms of welding results, usability and communication. The seamless data recording and backup in the customer's LAN provide a high level of transparency, as required by Industry 4.0.


Online access to projects and parameters

The ORBIMAT 180 SW can be integrated into the customer network via the integrated LAN and WLAN interface: The entire welding process can be traced immediately because users, work planners and quality assurance personnel have access to projects and data at any time via different user levels. All welding data and programs for each individual weld can be called up and documented without gaps, can be analyzed and adopted or optimized for future welds. Production processes can thus be planned better and are also safer and more cost-effective and time-saving. The ORBIMAT 180 SW is therefore an important component in the development of more sustainable quality management. 4 USB ports open up future-oriented connectivity.


Intuitive operation and multilingual menu interface

The ORBIMAT 180 SW is operated via the large 12.4 “color touch display or, alternatively, with the multifunctional rotary actuator known from premium automobiles and the ORBIMAT CA series. The graphics-supported, multilingual menu interface enables simple and intuitive operation and parameterization of the welding power source. Important commands can be called up directly via softkeys. The new ORBIMAT works with an operating system that starts up again cleanly without any loss of data, even after abrupt system shutdowns and power failures, such as those that occur on construction sites.


More quality and security

The ORBIMAT 180 SW achieves more quality thanks to the digital and precise welding gas control. This enables welds with the highest level of purity with low gas requirements, which lowers the costs per weld. The gas quantity values ​​stored in the welding program thus lead to good reproducible welding results.


The automatic rotor stop function results in greater safety. For this purpose, the ORBIMAT 180 SW has a motor torque control: If the welding head rotor is prevented from rotating automatically due to sluggishness or an obstacle, the power source immediately stops the rotor movement of the welding head. This means that people and machines are better protected and expensive production downtimes due to rejects or repairs are avoided. At the same time, the service life of the welding head increases.


Shorter welding cycles and more productivity

In order to minimize the gas pre-flow and post-flow times, ORBITALUM has integrated the unique flow-force function, which significantly shortens the welding process when using closed welding heads: the digital gas control directs shielding gas with a very high volume flow from the pressure reducer into the welding head - the unwanted residual oxygen is flushed out abruptly. The resulting reduced pre- and post-flow times result in significantly shorter process times and thus higher productivity and an increased duty cycle. The high volume flow in the post-flow time and the optionally adjustable cooling circuit delay reduce the welding head temperature - ideal for long duty cycles. Among other things, this results in a longer service life for the welding electrode. The optionally adjustable permanent gas function prevents oxygen from penetrating the welding head, even during non-productive times. As a result, the ORBIMAT system achieves almost tarnish-free seams with low process times.


Elegant housing for easy handling

The ORBIMAT 180 SW has an elegant and practical housing with handles integrated on the side. Connections on the front and rear of the device are set back and protected from mechanical damage. When closed, the hinged cover with display protects the operating elements, the system printer and the rotary actuator when the device is offline or is being transported.


The ORBIMAT 180 SW works with a wide input voltage range from 110 V to 230 V AC 50/60 Hz and compensates for mains fluctuations from 90 V to 260 V AC. Voltage peaks are compensated for up to 500 V AC.

The output welding current of 180 A is designed for most areas of application. The ORBIMAT power source automatically recognizes and takes into account the connected system components. The integrated liquid cooling system keeps connected welding guns and heads at a stable temperature.