Orbital welding as easy as never before

Best welding results with modern software

High-quality weld seams anytime and anywhere - these are the requirements for orbital welding. The weld seams must have a uniform, finely structured and flat surface on the outside and inside of the pipe. To meet these requirements, Orbitalum uses smart software functions and a modern and intuitive operating concept in its orbital welding machines.

In orbital welding, many parameters must be taken into account to achieve perfect welding results. These include, among other things, the material quality, tube diameter and wall thickness, as well as the seam preparation of the tube. In addition, welding current, welding speed and pulse times must be determined. It is also necessary to divide the tube into different sectors in order to influence the factors of gravity and heat input. The selection of optimal welding parameters is therefore complex and varies depending on the application. To reduce the complexity of orbital welding, we offer intuitive auto-programming in our orbital welding power sources. The auto-programming automatically determines the required welding parameters based on the tube's edge parameters. Created welding programmes can be saved, transferred to other power sources and recalled for future tasks.
Not only the auto-programming simplifies the welding process considerably. The operation of our orbital welding power sources is also simple and intuitive. Our power sources are equipped with a touch panel-based user interface, several soft keys and a rotary control. The multiple input options make it easy to enter the welding parameters and simplify the operation of the power source.

Our orbital welding power sources combine the orbital welding process with the latest information and communication technology and ensure the best welding results, high economic efficiency and sustainable quality management.

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