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Orbitalum known beyond regional borders

Important visit at Orbitalum Tools in Singen

With its Headquarter in Singen, Orbitalum Tools contributes to the economic growth of the region.

Orbitalum Jubilee Celebration

We honor our jubilarians

Together with our employees, we are shaping the future of Orbitalum.

The product family at a glance

Our family of orbital welding power sources

Which orbital power source suits you best? Find it out!

Interview with product manager Christoph Dämmig

The new Mobile Welder OC Plus

Do you want to produce consistently high-quality weld seams regardless of where you use it? Then the Mobile Welder OC Plus is just right for you.

60 years GF saw

The GF saw celebrates its anniversary

A precise cut in seconds since 1961. Exactly 60 years ago, our GF saw was launched on the market for the first time and since then it has been setting standards in orbital tube processing.

Covid19 vaccination at Orbitalum

Team Orbitalum got the first shot!

On Monday 07.06.2021 the slogan at Orbitalum was: “ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES”, all employees willing to get the COVID19 vaccination have had the chance to get their first shot...

Another successful cooperation…

Orbitalum is pleased about another successful cooperation with a challenging partner

As a globally active manufacturer of hygienic process valves and pigging systems for low-germ processes in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals....

Deep rolling for fatigue strength increase or service life extension of cyclically loaded welded structures made of steel and aluminum alloys.

A big thank you to the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM!

Microweldhead ORBIWELD 17

Actively cooled orbital welding head for tubes in semiconductor manufacturing

Orbitalum Tools launches the ORBIWELD 17, a new development among welding heads. With a removable clamping cassette, integrated controls and an active cooling system, it clearly scores points in comparison with the current systems of the market...

Best quality, shorter production times and secure documentation

Orbital welding is gaining importance in modern production

Orbital welding is a fully mechanical gas-shielded welding process in which electrodes including the arc are guided 360 degrees around round workpieces. The advantages are obvious: high process reliability and...

ORBIMAT 180 SW welds stainless steel valve manifolds for the beverage industry

Lower production- and service costs - better quality and reliable documentation

STW is one of the few European manufacturers of the most modern technology for the beverage industry. The medium-sized company is a world leader, especially with components for everything to do with stainless steel piping. Thousands of weld seams per valve node are economical and reliable with orbital technology ...

Orbital weld head HX 12P

Drastically shorter welding times and greatly reduced scrap with significantly higher quality

The orbital welding heads of the HX series can be used to join tube bends, e.g. in heat exchanger construction, very efficiently and safely with stainless steel tubes. Orbitalum is expanding its series with the HX 12P especially for very compact finned heat exchangers where tube diameters from 9.5 mm to 13.3 mm are used...

Worlds first

Intelligent power source ORBIMAT 180 SW

The new ORBIMAT 180 SW promises more quality, safety and flexibility in orbital welding thanks to its Industry 4.0 technology.

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