Programmable Tungsten Counter

Programmable Tungsten Counter

Electrode Change Interval

This software feature can be used to track the number of arc ignitions that have been initiated.

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The Electrode Change Interval plays a crucial role when it comes to quality assurance and process monitoring during orbital welding. It enables precise control and count of the arc ignitions, so that the operator can ensure that the welding process is carried out with the optimum parameters. The result is consistent and high-quality weld seams.

The number of arc ignitions triggered can be measured via the electrode change interval. In addition, the operator is automatically reminded when the preset number has been reached. This ensures compliance with regulations or welding procedure specifications (WPS) for replacing the tungsten. The electrode change interval is particularly important in industries with strict quality requirements such as the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.



How it works


  1. Activate the electrode change message in the basic settings of any welding program.
  2. Define the number of welds - according to your WPS.
  3. Each ignition counts down until a warning appears at zero. This tells the operator to change the electrode and reset the counter.
  4. Save these values in the program. To do this, select the quick save function and confirm with "Yes".