Gas Control Panel

Gas Control Panel

Gas Control Panel

This gas overview is a visual software control tool. All gas flows and settings for the welding process can be set, verified and saved, all on one page.

Get an overview of the setting options.


The Gas Control Panel is an integral part of our software. It is a visual software control unit that can be used to set, verify and save all gas flows and settings for the welding process. Once they are saved in a welding program, it will overwrite all manual purge settings for the welding head and power source.

This gas overview allows the operator to set the volume flow rates of the shielding gases that are fed to the welding head. In addition, the volume of the supplied gas can be checked and adjusted here to ensure that it meets the requirements of the welding process. The gas overview also has a test function to determine the maximum gas flow rate.

Please note that in the USA the unit for gas is CFH!



How it works


  1. You can access the gas overview via any welding program. To do this, simply select the "Gas Overview" option in the purging section.
  2. Three selectable gas control ranges are displayed on the left-hand side of the gas overview: Gas Pre-Purge, Gas Post-Purge and Continuous Purge.
  3. Settings for Flow Force activation, Flow Force time and volume flow can be made in these areas. Continuous Purge is also an important setting. This can be set independently and individually for each welding program in order to maintain the gas flow between welding sequences.
  4. On the right-hand side there is a visual display of the flow rates and times, which dynamically adapts to the changes made.
  5. You also have the option of carrying out a limit value test to check the maximum flow rates of your power source. When the "Limit testing" button in the lower menu bar is activated, the values for the gas flow rate are automatically set 15% below the maximum flow rate of the power source.
  6. Save these values in the program. To do this, select Quick save and confirm with "Yes".