Mission statement

Our vision - our mission - our values

With our mission statement we define what we stand for, where we want to go and which values we are guided by in order to master all challenges together.

Our vision

Complete solutions - from one source.


As the world's leading supplier of complete solutions for the precise cutting and chamfering of pipes as well as for orbital welding, we ensure a world worth living in through safe pipe connections. To expand and strengthen our position in the long term, a sustainable corporate culture and shared values are essential for us.

Our Mission

Innovative, pioneering solutions.


As a responsible company and industry leader, we develop, produce and market pioneering solutions for industrial piping and apparatus engineering.

We position our company to generate healthy and sustainable growth with best-in-class margins and sales. We achieve this by consistently implementing the  ITW business model, which defines


  • how we act  ("80/20 Front-to-Back Process")
  • how we develop innovatively  ("Customer-Back Innovation approach")
  • how we do it  ("Decentralized Entrepreneurial Culture")


We are always focused on the needs of our customers.

Our corporate culture thrives on the commitment and flexibility of our employees and cooperation partners. We treat each other in a spirit of partnership and respect and take responsibility for our environment.

Our values

How we want to work.


Integrity is our personal and collective responsibility - from an ethical and legal perspective. No compromises, no exceptions. Our personal value system is consistent with our actions.  


Treat others as we expect to be treated. Recognizing the importance of a diverse workforce and an inclusive corporate culture.

Working hand in hand


Positive attitudes and expectations towards each other combined with competence, reliability, transparency and integrity.

Shared risk

Finding the best possible solutions and not wasting time on blame. Once a course of action has been decided upon, responsibility for it is taken jointly. Problems are approached openly and proactively.


Focus on the core issues (the "80s") at every opportunity, challenge, question and problem. Complexity and bureaucracy are aggressively addressed. Focus on the "80's" and minimization of the "20's". We also act according to this principle  ("80/20 Front-to-Back Process").