DVR 50 (AVC)

Compact turntable solution
DVR 50 (AVC) - Schweißdrehtisch

The turning gears of Orbitalum for the mechanical TIG orbital welding are a reliable and efficient solution for the welding of rotating workpieces, short molded parts and fittings.

All orbital welding power sources from Orbitalum automatically detect the turntables and their properties so that the operator only has to call up his or her specified welding program and start the process before beginning to weld.

DVR 50 (AVC)
[mm] 6,00 - 200,00 [inch] 0.236 - 7.874
Wanddicke (materialabhängig)
[mm] 1,00 - 5,00 [inch] 0.039 - 0.197