Pipe end preparation machines (Pneumatic/Electric)
REB 6 - Pipe End Machining Machine

The powerful pipe end preparation solution. Counterboring and axial turning of pipes made from high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low-alloy and carbon steel with the unique tool system QTC®. Up to 4 tools can be used at the same time.

Take advantage of this latest technology to reduce your tool and manufacturing costs and to increase your productivity when making precise and reproduceable weld prep profiles, both on site and in the prefab workshop.

Scope of application
Tube OD
[mm] 56,00 - 168,30 [inch] 2.205 - 6.626
[mm] 49,00 - 166,00 [inch] 1.929 - 6.535
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 3,00 - 22,00 [inch] 0.118 - 0.866