BRB 4 - KIT 3

Boiler pipe preparation machine
BRB 4 KIT 3 - Boiler tube processing machines

Only very limited space is often available between welded boiler pipes. The compact body design of BRB machines is optimized for the application in question to provide the operator with the best possible access in every position and is therefore the best solution for pipe end and tube sheet joint preparations in boiler, tank and apparatus construction.

Powerful and robust boiler prep machine! The BRB series from Orbitalum, developed for boiler applications with the lowest space availability, makes precise welding preparations possible using optimal torque, together with low weight.

Scope of application
BRB 4 - KIT 3
Tube OD
[mm] 38,50 - 114,30 [inch] 1.516 - 4.500
[mm] 35,00 - 108,00 [inch] 1.378 - 4.252
Wall thickness (depending on material)
[mm] 2,00 - 15,00 [inch] 0.079 - 0.591